Finding the right brush for styling your hair

Styling Brush

Your hair is your pride and joy, the crown on top of your head. Short, long, and all the colours of the rainbow, your hair is a great way to express your personality, and everyone deserves to feel great about their locks.

Every good hair day starts with the right hair styling brush. It shouldn’t have to be potluck whether your hair looks the way you want it to, so investing in the right tools for the job should be high on your list.

Not all brushes are made equal so it’s important that you choose the right one for your hair and for the use you need it for. The Tangle Angel pro styling brush range has been designed to make sure you have a good hair day every day. Each feature has been created with care and attention, from the anti-static properties to the stylish design. They look just as good as they feel, with flexible bristles that move with you for a pain-free brushing and styling experience.

The Angel 2.0: The definitive brush for hair styling

Based on our award-winning, original brush design, the Angel 2.0 is a heavy hitter designed to help you style your way to perfect hair.

Its enhanced shape and handle make it comfortable to hold while you style, and its improved bristles and anti-static technology make it a fantastic brush for achieving a stunning, frizz free look. The Angel 2.0 can be used as a styling brush for short hair, long hair, wavy or straight.

The Angel Pro Compact: Perfect for styling on the go

An edgy chrome look and massaging bristles make the Angel Pro Compact an ideal small styling brush for the woman on the go.

Its anti-static properties mean that frizz can be a thing of the past, and a removable cover with a mirror inside means that you can check your look wherever you are. It also comes in two striking colours: rose gold and titanium, an accessory you’ll want to show off.
Angel Pro Compact

Tangle Angel: The perfect brushes for hair styling

The experts at Tangle Angel know you need to have complete confidence in your styling tools in order to get your best look.

The ergonomic designs of our hair styling brushes give you complete control when you’re brushing, so you can get the style you want easily.

The bristles on each hair styling brush are sleek and flexible – they move with you rather than against you, to minimise any pulling for a smooth brushing experience. What’s more, our brushes come in a beautiful range of colours so you can have one for every mood.

Top tips for styling your hair like a pro

The experts at Tangle Angel have put their heads together for their top tips on making your locks look their best. Read on for tips and tricks to help keep your ‘do looking amazing.

Get to know your hair type

The first rule of styling your hair to look its best is to work out what kind of hair you actually have – so you can look after it accordingly.

The main thing is to distinguish whether it’s fine or thick. Fine hair is when your strands are thinner, thick hair is where your strands weigh more and you may have trouble keeping bobby pins in!

Learn to love the natural texture of your hair

We’re all envious of what we haven’t got: curly girls envy straight hair and straight haired girls would love bouncing curls!

It’s easy to forget what your natural hair is like if you use styling tools on it a lot – but it will be in better condition if you learn to embrace its natural texture.

Get a cut to suit your face

Next time you go to the salon, have a chat with your hair stylist about what they recommend for your locks. They’re the experts and will have ideas you may not have thought of about the kind of cut, colour and shape that will suit your face and hair type.

Don’t wash it too often

Lots of us are guilty of washing our hair every day, when the reality is it doesn’t need to be! Dirtier hair is easier to style and also allows your hair’s natural oils to penetrate the strands, keeping it healthy and shiny. Try not to wash it more than a few times a week – dry shampoo is your friend.

Sleep in silk

No, we don’t mean your pyjamas! Wearing a silk cap or investing in a silk pillowcase can work wonders for many hair types.

Traditional cotton pillows can cause friction and frizz, so resting your hair on a smoother surface at night means less breakage and more manageable hair.

Our other types of brushes

We’re passionate about everyone being able to find the right brush to suit their needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional detangling brush or one for blow drying your hair with, Tangle Angel are here to help. Take a look at our other types of brushes below.

Detangler Brushes

Tired of tangles? Tame your mane with one of our specialised detangler brushes. Scientifically developed bristles glide through knots with ease, and the ergonomic shape makes them comfortable to hold and puts you back in control of your barnet.

Blow Styling Brushes

Your average hair brush just isn’t up to the task of heat styling. Tangle Angel brushes are heat resistant up to 120°C and are the perfect companion to your hair dryer, curling tongs or straighteners.

Kids Brushes

Our experts understand that children’s hair brushes need to be made specifically for them: all of our kids’ brushes are designed with this in mind. Small but perfectly formed, the bristles are extra gentle and designed for tangle-and tantrum-free brushing.

Wet Brushes

We all brush our hair when it’s wet, whether you’ve jumped out of the bath, shower or had a day at the beach. Your hair is more delicate when it’s wet so it needs a softer touch than when your strands are dry. Our brushes are water resistant and the scientifically developed bristles gently slide through without pulling.