Want to keep your straight hair looking sleek and silky every day? Our innovative detangling products are designed to help you maintain your straight locks and keep them looking and feeling their best.

Whether you’re styling a neat ponytail or a blunt bob, our range of detangling hair brushes are designed with unique features including anti-static and anti-bacterial properties to make them the perfect addition to your straight hair routine.


The definitive brush collection for straight hair

Our brushes have a number of features which make them the perfect brush for looking after your straight locks. The bristles contain anti-static additives to keep frizz to a minimum, and also retain their shape whilst being subjected to high temperatures from hair dryers and other styling tools. Grab the wings for detangling, or use the handle for greater control or styling. 

Angel 2.0

A brush that’s just as beautiful as it is useful, it’s our most iconic design and works wonders on straight hair. The Ex-Static™ anti-static strip minimises frizz, and the lengthened handle allows for greater control when you’re detangling your locks. It also comes in a variety of stunning colours to match your mood or your outfit, including pink, turquoise and matte black.

Re:born Angel

Our Re:born Angel is a perfect brush for those of you with straight hair. Developed with softer bristles that are kinder to your hair, it makes light work of detangling those locks.

The bristles are also antibacterial, keeping germs to a minimum, making your brush ultra-hygienic and protected in-between cleans. And it's made from recycled plastic and produced right here in the UK. 

Top tips for looking after straight hair

Top tips for looking after straight hair

A little care and attention and you can look incredible. Stay sleek, shiny and the envy of all your mates by following top tips from the Tangle Angel team.

Firstly, arm yourself with a great hair brush for straight hair, and read on.

How to use your hair brush

Many hair types can only be brushed when either wet or dry, but you lucky people with straight hair can brush your hair whenever!

When it’s wet, we advise popping on a dollop of leave-in conditioner and brushing it through before styling, starting from the bottom and then working your way up to the roots.

Once you’re satisfied that the tangles are all out, you can brush all the way through your hair from root to tip for a final smooth.

Also brushing your hair when it’s dry from root to ends ensures that the natural oils from your scalp get dispersed down and stop your hair from drying out.

Get regular trims

This is something all hair types benefit from! Having a trim every six to eight weeks encourages healthy growth, and keeps the dreaded split ends at bay which straight hair types are particularly prone to.

When you get your hair cut, you can discuss with your stylist what type of cut will suit your hair type and face shape best to create a stunning look.

Avoid too much heat styling

Tools like hair dryers and straighteners can suck the life and the moisture out of your locks.

If you must use heat styling tools, make sure to use a good quality heat protector spray before you get started.

Wash your hair regularly

Natural oils can collect more easily in straight hair making it look greasy, so ensure you’re washing your hair regularly to stop this build up.

In between washes, dry shampoo is straight hair’s best friend: refreshing your roots and adding volume.

Don’t overload it with products

When you’ve got straight hair, the temptation can be to overload it with products to try and get more volume.

Using just a small amount of product can achieve the same effect, keep your hair in great condition and not clogged up with huge amounts of mousse or hairspray.

Sleep in silk

And no, not your pyjamas! Investing in a silk pillowcase or a silk cap to pop over your head at night can reduce friction and stop your hair from being frizzy when you wake up in the morning.