Kids' brushes

Your little one deserves tantrum-free brushing! Investing in a children’s detangling hair brush means that brushing their hair will be more enjoyable for both of you. Great brushes for kids will take into account that their scalps are more sensitive and their strands are finer.

Each Tangle Angel children's hair brush has been developed with these factors in mind to ensure that brushing can be a positive experience for your little one. We use the same Memory-Flex ™ bristles, meaning less pulling and fewer tears! Our children’s brushes are smaller than our other brushes so that your little one can take control of their brushing once they are ready to. The beautiful bright colours means that any child will be happy to have them on their dressing table or in their school bag.
Kids' brushes

The perfect kids' detangling brushes

Our kids’ hair brushes have been made with the same care and attention as our adult range. Small and perfectly formed, they’re the perfect size for little and big hands so that they can brush themselves when they are ready.

The Memory Flex ™ bristles move with the hair strands, minimising snagging and pulling and enabling a stress-free tangle removing experience. They’re also water resistant so great for use at bath time, a great wet brush for kids.


Taming your child’s unruly hair with fewer tears is totally do-able, you just have to find the right detangler for your little one. That’s why we developed the Cherub 2.0.

The smaller style brush gives your little ones the ability to look after their own locks and our Ex-Static™ technology ensures a smooth experience every time.


If you are concerned about the over-use of plastics and the consequences they have on our global environment, then this eco-friendly detangling brush is the perfect solution.

Made from recycled plastic, the brush itself and its packaging can all be recycled so when your paddle brush comes to the end of its life, it can become its own angel and be part of a more sustainable future.

Top tips for brushing your little one’s hair

Brushing your children’s hair can be a tantrum-free zone, all you need is a little extra knowhow.

Our experts have compiled some tips to help the brushing experience be less stressful for everyone.

Use the right kind of brush

Children’s hair is a lot more delicate than adult hair so the first step is to make sure you’ve got a specially made children’s detangler brush.

Brushes like Tangle Angel’s Cherub 2.0 range are smaller in size and have extra-gentle bristles which reduce snagging and pulling.

Brush regularly

You don’t have to wait until bath time to brush your little one’s hair. Brushing regularly will make it even easier when bath time comes around as knots will not have had as much time to form.

Distract your child during the brushing process

The more relaxed your child is, the easier the brushing process will be. Try giving them some toys to play with or something to watch on television – they’ll be much more interested in that than what you are doing!

Style their hair

If your kid’s hair is long enough, try putting it in braids or a ponytail when they’re doing things like eating meals or playing sports. This will make it easier when it comes to brushing time as it will have had less opportunity to get tangled.

Tying up or plaiting before bedtime will also lessen nighttime tangles.

Don’t wash every day

Much like adult hair, children’s hair doesn’t need to be washed every day as it strips it of natural oils and ends up making it more dry and tangled.

Try washing every other day, or even just a few times a week. Their hair will be in better condition and makes for easier brushing.

Add in accessories

Kids love to play dress up and you can encourage them to enjoy brushing by offering them a choice of accessories.

Offering them brightly coloured bobbles, barrettes or clips once the brushing has finished may help them learn to enjoy the process.

Help them brush their own hair

You can empower your child by letting them learn to brush their own hair when you think they are ready to.

You can start by brushing your own hair and letting them watch to see how you do it, and then you can brush together at the same time.