Blow styling

Everyone loves the feeling of just leaving the salon; your locks are sitting perfectly with no hair out of place and you feel like a million dollars. Getting that ‘just came from the salon’ feeling is achievable at home as long as you have the right tools and a little knowhow. You deserve a good hair day every single day, and the team at Tangle Angel are here to help you with that.

Not all brushes are made equal, it’s important to have the right brush for the job and blow drying is no different. Our brushes are heat resistant up to 120°C and so won’t change shape over time or with a lot of use. They’re designed to be easy to hold so that it’s minimum effort from you and maximum results and amazing hair. When you buy a Tangle Angel product, you’re investing in a professional blow dry brush that will help you achieve the results that you want*
Blow styling


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The perfect brushes for hair styling

The first step to great hair is having the right tools. The Tangle Angel range of blow styling brushes are all heat resistant up to 120°C and have anti-static properties to minimise frizz while you’re drying your ‘do.

The comfortable shapes of our brushes mean they fit perfectly in your hands meaning you have complete control over your styling and can get the results that you want.

Whether you’re looking for blow dry brushes for short hair, long hair, wavy, curly, straight and anything in between, Tangle Angel will have the right one for you.


A brush that’s just as beautiful as it is useful, it’s our most iconic design and it's perfect for blow styling. The lengthened handle allows for greater control when you’re detangling your locks and with its ergonomic body, it's easy to hold when styling. It also comes in a variety of stunning colours to match your mood or your outfit, including pink, turquoise and matte black.


The Angel Pro is the perfect detangling brush for blow styling your hair. The scientifically-developed, blade-shape bristles glide through those tangles with ease, massaging your scalp at the same time promoting healthy hair growth. The lengthened handle enables you to hold the brush with ease whilst blow styling as well as enabling the brush to stand beautifully on your dressing table. What’s more, it comes in five beautiful colours to choose from.

Blow-dry your hair like a pro

We’re all guilty of it: running late and drying our hair as quickly as possible to get out of the door. Make a little time and a few changes and you can get a salon-level blowout at home, read our experts tips to find out how.

Use the right brush

Don’t blow dry with a round brush! The traditional big round brush for blow drying isn’t always the best tool for the job. Many round brushes are made from metal which heat up during the drying process and can damage your delicate wet hair, and they can also put a lot of tension on the individual strands.

Using a big blow dry brush with a flat shape, such as one in our range gives your hair lots of surface area to dry and can help to reduce flyaways.

Let it air dry first

Starting your blow dry while your hair is still soaking wet from the shower can really damage your hair and encourage frizz! Letting your hair partially air dry before you finish it off with the hair dryer will minimise heat damage and give you a sleeker, shinier look.

Use a cool setting

Yes, having your dryer on a hotter setting may get the job done faster but having it too hot may damage your hair, especially if you blow dry regularly. Try it on a cooler setting, especially if you have delicate fine hair.

Divide your hair into sections

Take your time and divide your hair into three or more sections, depending on how thick or long your hair is. Work carefully on one section at a time and you’ll get better results.

Use the attachments

All the accessories that came with your hair dryer are there for a reason – use them!

Using specific nozzles can allow you to direct the air flow exactly where you want it, creating a smoother finish and a more controlled drying experience.

Start at the roots

Starting at the ends of your hair when brushing is the best way to detangle, but when you’re blow drying your hair you’ll get a better result if you start at the roots.

This will give you a really smooth finish and also ensure that your delicate ends don’t have to endure too much heat.