The Angel Story

They say everything happens for a reason and we certainly believe that to be true here at Tangle Angel.

Our story started over 10 years ago when our co-founders met by chance, with a dream to create a beautiful detangling brush that stands out from the crowd. 

Richard Ward

“I wanted to create a beautiful detangling hair brush to retail in my London salon, which is one of the largest in the UK. A hair brush that looked so great it would ‘sell itself’. I met Richard as the product designer who created the foil cutting machines used in our salon. I mentioned my idea for a different type of detangling hair brush to him, purely as a throwaway comment and who knew where it would go from there? The Angel 2.0 detangling brush had really moved on from our original Tangle Angel hair brush. Every element has been tested in the salon by myself and my stylists. Their feedback was really invaluable. This really made a difference as to how the Angel 2.0 evolved. It’s heat resistant for blow-drying and water-resistant, for use in the shower, making it the perfect all round hair detangling hair brush.”

- Richard Ward, award-winning hairdresser and co-founder of Tangle Angel

Richard Dunn

"After discussing the idea of a beautiful detangling hair brush with Richard, one of the first things I thought was that it was odd that other detangling brushes didn’t have a handle. That thought needed to be combined with the challenge of designing a better bristle formation for detangling. I spent a lot of time making mock-ups, cutting the foam into all kinds of different shapes and putting nails in to create different flow patterns. The iconic angel wings emerged from thinking about the form and the function  of the brush. They created a brush head that you could hold in your hand to really feel the knots in the hair, with the added reach and control of a handle. We’re extremely proud of this design, as it really  sets us apart from all other brushes.”

- Richard Dunn, product designer and co-founder of Tangle Angel