Our purpose is to create beautiful, functional and sustainable hair care products that are kind to your hair and your planet. 

A truck-load of plastic is dumped into our oceans every 60 seconds. That's why we created our Re:born and Pop Up ranges, made from ocean-bound recycled plastic to help reduce this astonishing statistic. By recycling and reusing ocean-bound plastic, we can help put a stop to this global crisis - one brush at a time. 

But, this is just the beginning…

We mean business. Within 2024 ALL products within the Tangle Angel range will be made from recycled plastic and packaged in recyclable cardboard packaging. 

That's a promise.  

Here’s our commitment to the cause. 

Love your hair, love your planet

“We are committed to loving our planet and are passionate about helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste across the world. With approximately 400 million tonnes of plastic waste produced yearly, it’s crucial that we help to reuse this plastic and turn it into Tangle Angel products that can be enjoyed for years to come, whilst helping to clean up our beautiful planet.”

Richard Dunn, Co-Founder of Tangle Angel

Reusing Ocean-Bound Plastic

A truck-load of plastic is dumped into our oceans every 60 seconds. In order to help reduce this, we created our Re:born and Pop Up ranges. By producing these ranges from ocean-bound recycled plastic, with fully recyclable packaging, we are able to make a difference and help you to love your hair and love your planet.

Proud supporters of Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank is a charity which stops waste plastic before it reaches our oceans. As a Plastic Bank Ocean Steward, we have stopped 1,546kg of plastic (the equivalent of 77,275 x 500ml plastic bottles) from entering the ocean and helped collection members in vulnerable coastal communities transcend poverty. ⁣

Whenever you purchase a brush from our Re:born or Pop Up ranges, you’re supporting this amazing organisation and helping to reduce plastic waste in our oceans.

Recycle Tangle Angel Products

All of the products within the Tangle Angel ranges are produced from polypropylene natural plastic. This is the type of plastic that is widely recycled globally, and in the UK, can be recycled with your household waste.

So, when your Tangle Angel has reached the end of its life, please recycle it, so it can be reborn into something new.

Receive Undressed Packaging

Did you know we offer an 'Undressed Packaging' service? This means you’ll receive your Tangle Angel products without the frills of packaging - simply select ‘undressed’ at the check-out.

Your products will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a fully recyclable cardboard box, avoiding the need for any unnecessary packaging.