Know your hair type

Understanding your hair type is one of the most important factors when it comes to your hair routine. In order to give your hair the care and attention it needs, you need to know exactly what kind of products will be the most effective and what your hair really needs to look and feel its best. Here at Tangle Angel, we know how important having the right hair care tools is, so we provide a range of functional and innovative hair care products to encourage the very best performance.

Firstly, you need to identify the texture of your hair. This is broken down into four different categories. Your hair texture is either straight, wavy, curly or coily and this is all dependent on the natural shape and pattern of your hair. For example, when you leave your hair to dry naturally, without applying any heat or styling products, the end result is a clear indication as to what hair texture you have.

Straight hair

Type 1 hair, also known as straight hair, sits naturally with no curl. You may have fine or thick straight hair, but no matter the texture it will always fall with no wave throughout.

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Wavy hair

Type 2 hair covers 3 different wavy hair grades. Starting with 2A, you'll find there is a slight natural wave with a more toussled texture. Moving on to 2B and 2C grades which begin to have more wave definition.

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Curly hair

With type 3 hair, you begin to notice a much more defined curl through 3A, 3B and 3C grades. Curly hair requires more attention when it comes to maintenance to keep it looking beautiful and bouncy.

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Coily Hair

Understanding coily hair is key for keeping those tight curls healthy and strong. Whether you're Type 4A, 4B or 4C, it's important to use the correct tools and hair care products to keep them in good condition.

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