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Every day can be a good hair day when you have the right kind of brush.

Tangle Angel was born out of the idea that great brushes can look great and feel fantastic. We design every single brush with care and attention, from the bristles right down to the anti-static technology which is embedded in each product. Looking for a brush to match both your style and your hair type? Or maybe you want one in every colour? Perhaps you’d like a new brush that works as a comb as well? We’ll have the one for you.

Our brushes are as unique as you are. We’re committed to developing new and exciting hair brushes for all types of hair and all types of people. Check back here regularly to see our latest hair brushes.

Time to
Take a look at our innovatively designed products. The ultimate in detangling brushes. Beautifully unique. There’s more to our brushes than meets the eye.

Why Tangle Angel brushes are head and shoulders above the rest

We started Tangle Angel because we wanted to create a new type of detangling brush – one that looked as good as it felt. That’s how the original Angel was born and the technology underpins every single brush we have developed since then.

Our brushes are designed with smooth, Memory-Flex™ bristles that glide easily through any type of hair, making light work of even the most unruly knots. Our scientifically-developed brushes have anti-static technology to keep flyaways at bay and keep your ‘do looking silky smooth. The shape of each brush has been meticulously designed, and are comfortable and ergonomic to hold, making the brushing experience effortless.

Be your own angel

Self-love starts from within – but good hair helps! We want you to be able to be the best version of yourself and give you the tools to do just that. Every day can be a great hair day when you’ve got a Tangle Angel brush on your dressing table. Let us help you love yourself by giving you great hair 24/7.

The perfect gift

Give the gift of amazing hair with a Tangle Angel brush. Because our range of brushes are so varied, they are fantastic for all hair types, from fine and thick to kinky and coily.

Whether you’re looking for an edgy brush for your alternative, poker-straight haired friend, or a fun and funky brush for your curly cousin, we’ll have the one for you.

Your style, your way

Our Tangle Angel brushes were primarily developed as a detangling tool that both looked and felt great but are also fantastic for styling your locks as well. Looking for an elegant updo for date night on Friday? Or maybe you’re curating your beach waves for the getaway you’ve got planned?

Our brushes are all heat resistant up to 120C and are also water resistant, so you can use them for every stage of your hair styling journey. Use them to brush your wet hair out of the bath or shower all the way to a perfectly coiffed, heat styled ‘do.