Fine hair

Fine and thin hair is lovely and silky to the touch and can be much easier to style than other types. It suits many styles - a low bun or a high ponytail can look effortlessly chic.

So, what’s the difference between fine and thin hair? These terms are often used interchangeably but aren’t quite the same. Fine hair is when the size of the strands are smaller, and are more often seen in lighter hair colours such as blondes. Thin hair is when there are fewer strands of hair on the head itself.

If you’re frustrated by all the voluminous blow-dries you see in the media, you’re not alone. We can’t choose what kind of hair we are born with, but we can choose how we decide to look after it. We’ve got detangling brushes for both of these hair types, tips and tricks to keep your thin or fine hair in tip-top condition.
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