5 school-proof hairstyles

5 school-proof hairstyles

September has rolled around and that means school is finally back in session. Whether you’re getting your little one ready for school or yourself for university, we have got you covered. Find the perfect hairstyle to take on the year of education 🎒

Never be late for school again 🕙

Top Knot

The ultimate back to school classic for your little one, quick, simple and easily accessorised 🎀

Begin by taking your Cherub detangler and brush all hair vertically away from the face, ensuring all hair is smoothed over. Then simply twist the hair round and secure it with a hair tie. This look also works really well as space buns, splitting hair down the middle into 2 sections, twist and secure. For added cuteness, apply coloured clips, ribbons or bows. 

Hair Claw

The perfect running late / on the go hairstyle. All you need is your trusty Rebel detangler and a claw clip. The perfect compact brush to throw in your school bag and to reach for in between school periods 💀

First, find a cute claw clip, making sure you downsize for your little one. Then take your claw clip, simply brush your hair back, twist and clip – voila! This super effortless hair style will be sure to keep you firmly at the top of the class all year long. 

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Bubble Braid

For the days that you’ve got a little more time, why not experiment with something that is guaranteed to cause hair envy. Bubble braids provide a playful twist and are suitable for everyone.

Start by brushing hair into a low pony using your Angel 2.0 and secure with a hair tie. Take your tied section and begin to place smaller hair ties every few inches towards the end of the hair. When finished, make sure you tease out each section to amplify the ‘bubble’ effect.

For your Cherub, we love to take different colored hair ties. As you make your way down the hair, mix up the colours. This creates a really fun and playful look. Top tip: this is perfect for days when PE is in their timetable.  

Rope Bun

This style gives an edgy twist to a sleek bun and is guaranteed to stay in place until the school bell finally rings at the end of the day 🔔

Start by taking our Re:Born Angel brush and comb through the hair – this brush is perfect for detangling even the most stubborn sections of hair. Just brush through and let your Re:Born Angel do all of the work! 

Section two pieces of hair and start to twist them in opposite directions. Take the twists and loop them over one another to create a beautiful textured bun! For extra security, accessorise your bun with scrunchies, we love to use silk as it is  softer on your hair, perfect for younger ones 😍

Half up, half down top knot

When you’ve got a full day of classes, it’s important that nothing is holding you back. This effortless half up, half down top knot is perfect for thick, textured hair types that may need a little more TLC. 

Start by creating two sections with our Re:Born Xtreme – with this style, use the brush as a rough guide but don’t be afraid to use your fingers to mess up the sections to create more texture. 

Then twist the top section in a clockwise motion to create a cool bun, resize shape, and position however you want. Then go back in with our Re:Born Xtreme to smooth over the bottom section of the hair to ensure your hair is looking sleek from all angles. 

Remember to pack this brush in your school bag as we can guarantee your friends will want you to do their hair like this 💗

We love to see all of your hairstyle recreations so make sure you tag us in your hair looks using #TangleAngel. We will share our favourites on our social channels! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more hair inspo.  Please ensure all brushes and accessories are suitable for yourself or your little one 💜

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