REBEL White Chrome - Tangle Angel

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Award-Winning Multi-Use Detangling Hairbrush

WINNER of Best Detangling Brush in the Marie Claire Hair Awards 2021.

This brush’s edgy design isn’t all that rocks. A real all-rounder, it’s brilliant for styling and detangling.

Blade-shaped bristles flex in opposing directions to detangle. Its grip-and-go design puts the power to groom firmly in the palm of your hand.

Wet, dry, static or tangle prone – whatever your hair is like, reach for the Rebel any time for all of your everyday brushing.

Biomaster logo - Antibacterial protected
  • Product height
    • 110mm
  • Features
    • Antibacterial
    • Memory-Flex bristles
    • Anti-Static
    • Heat Resistant (to 120 °C)
    • Water-resistant


Not only do our products visually stand out they include a number of innovative key features across the range
Inhibits the growth of bacteria, making your brush ultra-hygienic and protected in between cleans.
Multi-flex bristles
Bristles are designed to flex in opposing directions for effective detangling, smooth brushing, styling and healthy scalp massage.
The bristles contain anti static additives embedded in the plastic. This allows any static present in the hair to be earthed by the user when they are in contact with the strip, reducing frizz and flyaway hair.
Heat Resistant (to 120 °C)
Bristles retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures generated by some hairdryers.
Water Resistant
Ideal for using in the shower, by the pool or beach.
Rocks and


Memory-Flex™ bristles mean this Rebel detangles, styles, and even massages.


Maintain your mane in statement style whenever, wherever – dare to brush different.
Rebel HAIRBRUSH in front of male and female models

Three steps to

  1. Divide your hair into a manageable small-to-medium section, rather like cutting a cake – nape to the crown (left and right), ear to crown (left and right) and fringe section.


  2. Start detangling from the ends, working your way up towards the roots. Once you’ve detangled the first section, move up and begin the second section, brushing the tangles into the previous tangle free hair.

  3. rebel blonde female model in colour

    Once you’ve worked through every section, un-section your hair and give it a final detangle by working through from roots to ends all over. This Method will clear your tangles quickly, keeping damage to a minimum. Perfect!

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