Finding the perfect brush for your small pet

Rabbit and Small Animal Brushes

We love our small animals! From rabbits to rats, mice and hamsters, there’s a whole variety of pint-sized pets people own. Many people like these kinds of animals not only because they’re cute, but because many don’t require a large amount of looking after. However, like most animals they do benefit from regular brushing. Not only will it help keep them looking their best, but it can be a nice bonding experience for you and your pet.

It’s hard to know what kind of brush to use for your small animals. We wanted to design a brush that was lightweight, easy to hold and gentle on even the smallest of pets. That’s when we came up with the Pet Angel range. Whether you’re looking for a guinea pig brush, a hamster brush or even a brush for your bunny’s fur, you’ve come to the right place.

The Pet Angel brushes combine the same award-winning technology as our original brush range but crafted especially for small animals. The bristles are designed to be extra flexible and move with your pet’s fur rather than against it, so you can get rid of knots and tangles gently without causing any discomfort. In fact, the bristles are in such a formation that they give a massaging, relaxing effect to your pet.

The Pet Angel Mini Brush: Perfect for petite pets

If you’ve got a teeny tiny pet you’ll love the Pet Angel Mini. Smaller in size but no compromise on the fantastic features you see in all of our other brushes.

The sleek bristle design enables gentle detangling and the handle allows you greater control when removing tangles and knots.

Just like our other brushes, they’re also water resistant so can be used when you’re bathing your pet. This is the perfect brush for small animals such as pygmy bunnies, hamsters and gerbils.
Pet Angel Mini

The Pet Angel Baby: The definitive brush for even the smallest of pets

The Pet Angel baby is the brush small pet owners have been waiting for. It has all the same incredible features as the original Pet Angel brush but in miniature!

It can fix onto keyrings or bags so that it can be used for travel, as well as for teeny-tiny pets such as hamsters. It can also be used for on-the-go grooming for larger pets; attach to your dog’s lead and you can untangle knots in a pinch.
Pet Angel Baby

Why Tangle Angel technology makes it ideal for small pets

Our experts have taken the same groundbreaking technology that we use for our hair brushes to create our outstanding Pet Angel range.

The intelligent bristle design makes light work of detangling as they glide through knots without pulling. The clever properties of the brush keeps your pet’s coat smooth and silky without frizzing, and the antibacterial strip helps keep the brush free of germs that would otherwise be transferred onto your pet’s coat.

If that wasn’t enough, they come in two different bristle colours, so you can choose the one you like the most or even have one of each!

Tips for grooming your small pets

Depending on the type of petite pet and its coat length, the amount of brushing it will need will vary. Many small animals self groom but some will need a little extra help to ensure their coats stay sleek, shiny and dirt free.

It’s also important to regularly inspect your pet for lumps and bumps or any hay or straw that could get stuck in their fur and cause them discomfort.

The pet experts at Tangle Angel have put together some top tips for grooming popular breeds of small furries.

Grooming your guinea pig

First things first, make sure to invest in a great guinea pig hair brush. These animals come in many varieties including short and long haired breeds.

The long-haired Peruvian guinea pig’s fur is so long that they can’t easily groom themselves, so they need brushing every day in order to maintain a healthy, matt-free coat.

Shorter haired breeds only need brushing once or twice a week. Before you begin with your guinea pig grooming brush, make sure your pig is comfortable and in a relaxed state. Offer them a tasty treat to help them relax while you’re brushing.

Grooming your rabbit

Rabbits deserve good hair care – no matter what length their fur is. You’ll need a good brush for rabbits , such as our Pet Angel or Pet Angel Mini.

Adding a great rabbit brush to your grooming kit means you can tackle knots any time. It’s a good idea to brush your rabbit around twice a week, or more often for long haired breeds.

Rabbits tend to molt every few months and will need brushing more often during these periods, using a deshedding brush can be the perfect grooming tool to encourage loose dead fur to come out. Pop your bunny on a towel before you get started, and be sure to brush in the direction that the fur grows.

Grooming your ferret

Ferrets are fast movers who often don’t like to stay still for long periods of time. We’d advise grooming little and often to make sure their coats stay in top condition, at least a couple of times a week.

This helps to remove loose hair which could in turn become hair balls when they groom themselves – so they’ll thank you for it!

Grooming your hamster

Most short haired hamsters can look after their own fur but some long-haired breeds will need a little help.

Make sure your hamster is relaxed, place them on your lap and let them settle there before you start brushing. Hamsters hate being put on their backs so make sure you brush them while they’re standing on a flat surface such as your lap or a table.

Brushes for all pets

Finding the right brush for your pet can be a tricky task to say the least. Want to know why the Pet Angel is loved by all animals? Check out our range pet brushes below.

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