Finding the perfect brush for your puppy

Puppy Brushes

So, you’ve just become a new dog owner, congratulations! You’ve bought the bed, the toys, the water bowls, and a collar, and now you’ve picked up the pup too.

Becoming a dog parent is an incredibly rewarding experience, and it’s important to have the right tools for the job to make sure your dog grows up happy and healthy. Keeping your dog’s coat tangle-free involves regular care and attention, and of course the right brush.  Dogs of all shapes and sizes from Cockapoos to Cavachon’s benefit from regular brushing. As well as keeping their coats looking great, it can also be an important bonding experience for you and your new furry pal.

Our specially designed puppy grooming brushes are created with your pooch in mind. We’ve worked hard to develop a brush that’s gentle on your pup’s delicate skin and coat and will make brushing time enjoyable for both of you. The specially designed bristles move with the fur rather than against it, creating a massaging effect that is relaxing for your dog. Invest in a Pet Angel brush and you won’t regret it – find out more about what makes them the right brush for you and your dog.

The Pet Angel Mini: Paw-fect for pint-sized pups

For your little puppy dog, reach for the Pet Angel Mini brush. It’s smaller in size than our other brushes but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the features of this fantastic brush. The smooth, flexible bristles enable gentle detangling with no pulling, so no matter the length of your pup’s coat they can stay tangle-free.

The design of the bristles also means that it can work like a slicker brush on your puppy, getting rid of any loose hair in their coat. The ergonomic handle means that you have greater control over the brushing and if that wasn’t enough, they’re also water resistant so can even be used to brush when you’re giving your puppy a bath.

The Pet Angel Baby: The puppy brush for pet owners on the go

This is the brush that you’ve all been waiting for that’s small enough to take on the go. Even smaller than our Pet Angel Mini, it comes with the same fantastic features as well as a handy keyring so it can be attached to your bag or keys.

As well as using it when your puppy is small, it’s a great option for some quick grooming on the go for adult pets. They’re also made from fully recycled materials, so are the perfect dog brush for puppies with owners who are environmentally conscious.

Why Tangle Angel’s technology makes them the ideal puppy hair brushes

The Pet Angel technology is modelled on our original brushes, with the same brilliant features you know and love. Our Pet Angel brushes are purr-fect for all types of fur including delicate puppy fur, as the bristles are smooth and move with the hair rather than against it.

This makes for an enjoyable brushing experience for both you and your pocket-sized pooch. The bristles give a gentle, massaging effect which both feels nice for your pup and helps promote healthy blood flow and a shiny coat. The Pet Angel puppy brushes are designed to work on both long and short haired dogs so no matter what dog you have, you can keep their coat sleek and shiny with ease.

Top tips for grooming your puppy

Teaching your puppy from a young age that grooming is an enjoyable activity will make things easier for you in the future. As well as keeping their coat immaculate, grooming your puppy regularly will also have a number of other benefits including strengthening their bond to you.

Choose a brush that’s suitable

The most important and first step is to make sure you have the right soft brush for your puppy. Young dogs’ skin and fur is much more delicate than mature adults, so it’s vital to choose one that is sensitive enough to brush without hurting them or pulling at their hair.

Make sure you brush regulary

All dogs young and old benefit from regular brushing, whether they’re short or long haired. Depending on your pup’s coat, you can brush them a couple of times a week or even every day for longer haired pooches.

Dogs with bigger, hairier ears such as cocker spaniels will need a particular amount of attention to ensure dirt doesn’t build up.

Keep the sessions short at the beginning

Ever get a bit fidgety near the end of a long salon appointment? It’s the same for your pup! It can take them a while to get used to you grooming them, so only do it for a few minutes at first before building up each time.

Make it an enjoyable experience

You want your pup to like being groomed throughout their life, so you can make it an enjoyable time for them from the word go. Reward them with treats or distract them with toys while you are grooming, so that they associate being brushed with something nice happening.

Check their skin at the same time

As well as keeping their coat sleek and shiny, regular grooming means you can check your puppy’s overall health at the same time. Keeping an eye out for unusual lumps, bumps, scratches or even ticks means that you can spot a problem sooner rather than later, and hopefully avoid an expensive vet bill!

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