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LED Mirror

Handheld Travel-Sized
  • Dimensions
    • 1.7mm height, 11.5cm width, 10.5cm depth.
  • Features
    • Retractable Handle, Folds Away
    • LED Light Ring
  • Batteries included
    • CR2032

Perfect for on the go! Compact and cute, our handheld mirror with LED lights is both beautiful and useful, helping you look great wherever you are. 

LED lights are used by professionals in the hair and makeup industry for a reason. They mimic daylight and so provide the perfect backdrop to check your style. The light given out casts an even glow over your face which means that you can apply makeup flawlessly.


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LED Light

LED lights provide amazing illumination that simulates daylight, which makes it amazing for both styling your hair and applying your makeup wherever you are.

Whether you’re popping a splash of lippy on the train or fixing your hair before a big date, our LED mirror will be there for you. Plus, our handheld LED mirror comes ready with the batteries so you’re ready to go once it’s out of the box!
Tangle Angel LED Mirror

Compact Companion

We’ve all got limited space in our bags so it’s important to make the most out of what space we do have. Having a retractable handle means that our light up LED mirror can fit neatly in your bag when not in use, as well as get all the right angles to make sure your hair is looking amazing wherever you are.

It’s lightweight too so won’t weigh you down, the perfect accessory for the busy modern woman.
LED Mirror

Our 3 Simple Steps For
When You’re On The Go

  1. LED Light Mirror

    Remember to place it in your bag. We’ve all got things we can’t leave home without – keys, phone purse, etc. Get in the habit of keeping your handheld LED mirror in your bag so that you are never caught short and can check your look on the go, anytime anywhere. It’s truly the perfect travel companion!

  2. Use on the go – check your teeth, fix your fringe or slap on some lippy, you can do it all with our mirror. Just flip out the handle, pop on the lights and you’re illuminated perfectly – as LED bulbs mimic daylight you can use our mirror even in the darkest of settings: whether you’re in a bar or heading to work.

  3. Handheld LED Mirror

    Pop it away when finished – You’re going to wonder how you ever lived without your LED mirror! Once you’re satisfied with your look you can flip the handle back, turn off the lights and get ready to smash your day, whatever you’re doing. We can’t live without our LED mirrors, and you won’t be able to either!

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