New Year’s Resolution for 2022: Stronger and Healthier Hair

New Year’s Resolution for 2022: Stronger and Healthier Hair

A good hair care routine is vital for keeping your beautiful hair healthy. It requires committing to a routine that will help you accomplish your hair goals 😍

Here are the top six Tangle Angel hair-care tips to adopt into 2022 to achieve the healthiest hair ever!

Pick the right shampoo/conditioner this year

To find the right shampoo and conditioner you need to identify your hair type first. Get to know your scalp and your hair density to pinpoint your type. Once identified, choosing the right products can take your hair from unmanageable to strong, healthy and frizz-fee locks, aka what dreams are made of ☁

There is no set rule on how many times you should wash your hair. We recommend washing when you feel a build-up of oil or dirt. For most people, that means once or twice a week but you really can make your own rules. 

Detangle those locks girl

Our Re:born range is perfect for everyone! Not only kind to our messy manes but even kinder to the planet. 

Our recycled range is made up of three brushes with various colour ways to choose from. Our Xtreme is ideal for thick, long, curly, and coily hair. It’s also suitable to use on extensions and weaves. Compact has gentler bristles, still tough on tangles(!), but is easier to handle. With its compact design, you can keep your locks in check and look good at all times.  

Not only is our Re:born Angel kind to messy manes, but light work on tough detangling 💪🏼

The top tip to achieve the dreamiest silky, strong and detangled hair is to divide your hair into small/medium sections. Take each section and start detangling your hair ends first. Un-section your hair and give it one final detangle all over. 

Hair oils are always needed!

No one wants dry, brittle hair in 2022 do they? Hair oils work wonders on all hair types and can be used either dry or wet. Bonding your hair ends back together, sealing those split ends, healing your bonds, and keeping your hair hydrated.

If your hair needs a little TLC before washing, place the oil all over your hair, starting from the ends, and work your way up. Leave for as long as possible to lock in the moisture (we like to sleep with it in). In the morning, wash it out with your shampoo and conditioner. This will leave your hair super shiny and hydrated 🤩

Heat protector is your bestie

Heat protectors work to protect your hair from harm when applying heat. It can assist to control frizz, condition, and add shine, whilst protecting your hair up to 450° ✔️

Make sure you hold the spray bottle 15 cm away from your hair to ensure your protectant is evenly spread across your hair 🔥

Hair masks aren’t just for Sundays!

Consider your shampoo and conditioner to be your cleanser and moisturiser and your hair mask to be the weekly nourishing face mask adding hydration to your locks ✨

To get the most out of your hair mask, apply at least once a week. Making it part of your weekly routine will make your hair look healthier and bond your split ends. 

Divide your hair into parts, apply the mask from the roots to the tips of your hair and seal in the mask by giving your hair a comb through. Leave the mask in your hair for the allotted time and rinse through once complete.

Get a freshen up

We are all guilty of leaving seeing the hairdresser a little too long ✂️ 

Did you know on average your hair grows roughly half an inch every month, equalling to six inches of growth every year 🤯 Having your hair regularly cut helps with your hair health, shape and growth.  

Having a trim every 8-10 weeks to help avoid damage from split ends and helps your hair grow quicker. 


From all of us at Tangle Angel, we wish you all the happiest and healthiest hair in the new year! Tag us in your hair-care routines - we would love to see them. Use #TangleAngel for a chance to be featured on our feed and tag us in your photos on our Instagram and Facebook 🤍

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