How to care for your curls

How to care for your curls

How to care for your curls   

Unlike straight hair, curls need much more TLC; maintaining luscious locks can be hard work. 

Did you know that curly hair is naturally drier? Due to the shape of the strands, the distribution of essential oils isn’t enough. This can leave your hair looking frizzy and rough 🙅‍♀️

Here is your new favourite step-by-step guide to keep your hair feeling fresh and healthy 👩‍🦱

Step 1 – Find the perfect detangling brush

Say hello to your new best friend, Angel Pro.

Ideal for thick, long, curly and coily hair. The Angel Pro excels at everyday combing. We recommend you detangle your hair before washing. If your knots have become matted, dampen first to cut down on detangling time ⏳

Sit back and let your Angel Pro do all the work, watch it glide through, and detangle those knots.

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Step 2 – Choose the right shampoo 👩‍🦱

Picturing yourself in front of the shampoo aisle isn’t as daunting as you’re imaging, we promise!

When looking at all the different options, it’s important to look out for shampoos designed especially for curly hair. Key ingredients include essential oils, keratin, and shea butter. This will ensure that your shampoo is gentle, and will keep your hair hydrated. Make sure you also stay away from sulphates and parabens. As curly hair is easily damaged, products with these nasties will leave your hair frazzled and dehydrated. Lastly, try not to over-shampoo, as this can strip your hair from its natural, much-needed oils.

Top tip: cold water is going to be your saviour, this will maintain your hair’s natural moisture and strength. 

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Step 3 – Add your favourite serum

Once your hair is detangled and washed, it’s time to apply your go-to serum. 

Hair serums add hydration and shine for a silky smooth salon finish. With low PH levels, serums seal your hair fibres together. You should apply your serum after you’ve washed your hair; or, if you’re suffering from unmanageable frizz, an oil-based serum is suitable for everyday use. 

A must-have step to your hair care routine if you ask us 💁‍♀️

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Step 4 – Style your curls 

The final step, styling your hair!

This is all down to your own personal preference. We recommend that you let your curly hair air dry. However, if you need to quickly dry your hair, we’d suggest using a diffuser, combined with a heat protector, to keep your curls bouncy. Pro tip: keep your diffuser six inches away from your hair to limit damage. 

If you are wanting to create a more elaborate hairstyle, be mindful not to pull your hair too tight. Armed with your Re:born Xtreme, ideal to style the thickest hair, try the following gentle styles: 

  • Bun or ponytail 
  • Braids
  • Half up, half down 

You can also personalise your hairstyle by adding accessories – silk scrunchies, coloured clips and hairbands are perfect to use on all styles 💗

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