Hair Quiz: Which Tangle Angel Do You Need For Your Hair Type?

Hair Quiz: Which Tangle Angel Do You Need For Your Hair Type?

Thick hair or thin hair, grungy girl or preppy girl there is a Tangle Angel brush to match every hair type and every personality!

Take this quiz to help you pick the perfect Tangle Angel brush for you 👇

What’s your hair type?

Choose your hair length

Pick your summer fit


Pick your winter fit


Choose your aesthetic

Which hairstyle is your favourite?

If you picked mostly A’s:


This brush is super edgy, just like you. A real all-rounder, it’s brilliant for styling and detangling and the signature black chrome will match perfectly with all your outfits (and the colour of your soul) 🖤

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If you picked mostly B’s:


You always look put together and just like the ANGEl 2.0, you’re a great all rounder ✨

Whether your hair is tangled, flyaway, wet or dry, this ultra-soft detangling brush delivers divine results and comes in 8 colorways so you’ll never have an outfit that doesn’t match your brush or your personality!

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If you picked mostly C’s:


You’re often on the go, and always looking flawless. You need a brush that can keep up with you rain or shine ⛈

Fully recyclable and made from recycled plastic, this guilt-free brush makes you feel good in lots of ways (your inner VSCO girl is thanking you!) 🐢

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If you picked mostly D’s:

You love a little bit of luxury and the PRO is just that. Combining the very best of a brush with the pros of a comb in a head-turning chrome finish, this is a thoroughly luxurious detangling tool 💍

You’ll be pleased to know that this brush also comes in a compact size because we know how much you love pairing tiny bags with your outfits 👛

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