Hair Essentials to Slay This Festival Season

Hair Essentials to Slay This Festival Season

After two long years of untouched bucket lists and festival fomo, this summer, festivals have been given the greenlight to return to the mainstage for a summer to remember.

Whether you’re living the life of luxury in a glamorous glamping pod, or playing it safe in a trusty two man tent, don’t let your hair hold you back this summer and follow our ultimate festival checklist, essential to slaying this season!

Be prepared ✅

When it comes to festivals, ensuring that you’re packing light is of major importance (you don't want to be the one holding your friends up dragging your suitcase through muddy fields!) make sure you’re only bringing items that are essential.

Our multi use Angel Pro Compact is an absolute must this season, not only does it give you long lasting silky hair but you can also use the brush's cover as a compact mirror. Perfect for touch ups on your way to watch the artist you’ve been waiting all year to see live!

Be fresh ✅

It goes without saying, a crucial product any festival goer can always rely on is dry shampoo. Save yourself the stress and throw two bottles into your bag for good measure - we can assure you, dry shampoo is about to become your new best friend!

By spritzing a healthy amount into the root of your hair whenever you feel your hair needs a boost, you will prevent your hair from appearing oily and dull. Not only will dry shampoo save your hair hygiene concerns but will also give your hair an effortlessly voluminous look. Try using our Angel Pro Multi Use hairbrush to enhance the volume by teasing ever so slightly to appear naturally volumized.

Be bold ✅

Standing out from the crowd this festival season is a must, after all we’ve been waiting two years for this! How about clipping in some coloured extensions this summer to shake up your style and stand out from a non socially distanced crowd?

Select a cool style that suits you and manage your clip ins from the comfort of your tent with our Re:Born Xtreme detangling paddle brush! This super sleek paddle brush works best when detangling unruly extensions with the added bonus of being 100% water resistant - Perfect for those ever changing festival weather conditions.

Be experimental ✅

Let's be real, there has never been a better time to experiment with your style than when you’re front row at the mainstage. It’s time to rock that new hairstyle you’ve been waiting all lockdown to try, like two edgy space buns with some spray in glitters, this look will sure make you stand out from the crowd.

At the end of the night when that walk back feels like you’re trekking for miles, make your life easier by using our Rebel detangling brush as soon as you get back to your tent. This brush is guaranteed to restore your hair without making it stand on end with our anti-static technology!

Did we mention this brush won Best Detangling Brush in the Marie Claire Hair Awards last year?

Be sustainable ✅

With more festivals than ever opting to reduce waste for a greener future, festival goers are ensuring their essentials meet the same eco-friendly needs. A perfect place to start could be with our Re.born Angel brush, it is kind to hair whilst combating those stubborn tangles, but above all is made from totally recycled plastic and is kind to the planet.

This brush comes in six different colours so we recommend matching your brush to your festival outfit to make sure you’re always insta ready!

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