5 Day to Night Looks to Try This Summer

5 Day to Night Looks to Try This Summer

Summer holidays are still so up in the air this year, many of us are choosing Cornwall over Croatia to lap up some sun and focus on a proper staycation. Truly, the only traffic light system we want to be enduring is the one that comes in the form of a 99p ice lolly.

While your plans may be undecided, this doesn’t mean your summer looks have to be. No matter where you find yourself this summer we have the perfect hairstyles to match that will last you from morning till night - so no need to stop the party 🍸

Day One - Beach Day

It’s day one and we’re starting off our staycation with a chilled beach day so you’ll need some beautiful beachy waves to match! Make sure to bring your detangling Re:born Compact for touch-ups (only recycled plastic on the beach in 2021!) To take this look from day to night, simply put your waves into a half-up, half-down look with a sleek accessory for the perfect dinner look.

Day Two - Sports and Activities

Taking the chilled levels down and the fun levels up for a day full of activities! Make sure to wake up early and wash your hair. Use the Angel Pro on your damp hair to get out any tangles and put your hair into two french plaits. Not only does this look amazing but it's super practical for hiking, swimming or even water sports! For your nighttime look, leave your plaits exactly as they are or take them out to reveal beautiful waves!

Day Three - Exploring

It’s day three and there's some exploring to be done! This could be looking in cute shops in the local town, visiting an interesting landmark or heritage site or completing a long list of tourist attractions. No matter the activity, you need a hairstyle that can keep up with you all day, and into the night, a popular choice for this would be a sleek low bun. Slick your hair back with some gel and your Rebel brush into a ponytail first, and then wrap the hair around the base and secure, for a gorgeous bun that lasts all day.

Day Four - Chill Day

By day four our hair is slightly worse for wear after the inevitable build-up of sweat and suncream (yum). But not to worry, simply brush your hair with the Angel 2.0, making it smooth and tangle-free and add the secret weapon - a bandana/headscarf. This covers any of your dirty hair problems but also looks so stylish, bonus points if your scarf matches your bikini!

Day Five - Out for dinner

Got beautiful bouncy curls ready for dinner but have a long day ahead of trying to keep them intact? Our absolute favourite solution for this is to use a claw clip! This hair accessory has become increasingly popular in 2021 and is a great alternative to just tying your hair up in a hair tie. Simply twist your hair round and up and secure with a clip of your choice and when you’re ready for dinner just take it out and brush through your curls with the Angel Pro Compact!

We hope you have found some inspiration for your summer hair looks, no matter where you find yourself this year. Make sure to put your various Tangle Angel brushes at the top of your packing list, or shop for some new ones here!

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