REBEL Pink Chrome - Tangle Angel

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Award-Winning Multi-Use Detangling Hairbrush
  • Product height
    • 110mm
  • Features
    • Antibacterial
    • Memory-flex bristles
    • Anti-static
    • Heat resistant (up to 120°C)
    • Water-resistant

Dare to be different with the Rebel, our skull-shaped hair brush. This is a brush with attitude, a multi-purpose tool for detangling and styling. It not only looks iconic but has all the qualities you need to tame that mane. 

The Rebel has new technology too; multi-flex bristles incorporated in the design means this stylish skull brush detangles knots effortlessly and even massages your scalp at the same time! Not only that, but it also has Biomaster antibacterial protection to prevent frizzy, flyaway hair and built-in resistance to heat and water.

You can see why this edgy, gothic hair brush was the winner of Best Detangling Brush in the Marie Claire Hair Awards 2021. 

Biomaster logo - Antibacterial protected


Not only do our products visually stand out they include a number of innovative key features across the range
Inhibits the growth of bacteria, making your brush ultra-hygienic and protected in between cleans.
Multi-flex bristles
Bristles are designed to flex in opposing directions for effective detangling, smooth brushing, styling and healthy scalp massage.
The bristles contain anti static additives embedded in the plastic. This allows any static present in the hair to be earthed by the user when they are in contact with the strip, reducing frizz and flyaway hair.
Heat Resistant (to 120°C)
Bristles retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures generated by some hairdryers.
Water Resistant
Ideal for using in the shower, by the pool or beach.
Rocks and


Creating a Rebelution, this hybrid hairbrush is designed to perform under pressure and with the help of our latest technology, will tame the wildest of hair.

Using Memory Flex™ technology the Rebel’s bristles will glide through problem hair easily, tackling tangles and leaving your locks ready to party.

Easy to hold and brilliant for daily styling, this brush is the ultimate edgy accessory Dare to be different with the Rebel.


If you want to express your rebellious side, the Rebel is the styling tool for you. The iconic sculptural, skull design is perfect for everyday brushing and simply looks divine. The shiny, textured chrome finish is also easy to grasp and hold, giving greater control when brushing.

Perfect for popping into your handbag, and suitable for wet or dry hair, our multi-functioning technology makes it a superior brush for detangling.
Rebel HAIRBRUSH in front of male and female models

Our Simple Guide To

  1. Grab your Rebel and start. A professional detangling brush with advanced technology will give you a superior end look.

  2. For matted or broken hair. A good conditioner will help prior to brushing. Leave on hair for 10 mins minimum.

  3. rebel blonde female model in colour

    Treat yourself with a professional detangling spray. Damp hair is easier to work with than wet or dry. 

  4. Divide hair into small sections using clips or grips. Brush from the tip to the scalp slowly working your way up.

  5. Work slowly and methodically. When you have done each section, loosen it all and brush thoroughly from tip to root again.

  6. Brush your hair regularly throughout the day. This will help to ensure that stays tangle-free with no nasty surprise knots.

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