Finding the perfect brush for your pet

Pet Brushes

Do you feel like your cat’s coat could do with some love? Or maybe your dog’s coat is in desperate need of stress-free detangling? We know you love your pets and want to take the best care of them, which is why we’ve taken the time to develop our range of stunning brushes especially made for your four-legged friends: the Pet Angel range.

At Tangle Angel we believe that pets are people, too! We have taken the fantastic features we’ve developed for our Tangle Angel brush range and created a collection just for your furry friends.

We know that some pets struggle with having their fur brushed, which is why we have focused our brush features on being as relaxing as possible. The smooth bristles move with the fur rather than against it, gently easing out tangles with no tugging or pulling.

Invest in a Pet Angel hair brush and you won’t regret it. As a professional deshedding tool it removes loose dead undercoat from your pet, meaning that they’re less likely to moult over you, your clothes and your furniture too.

They work beautifully on short and long haired pets of all sizes, so there’s bound to be one that’s right for you and your best friend. Read on to find out more about our brushes and how they could be the next great choice you make for your animal as a loving pet owner.


The Pet Angel Detangling Brush: An effective brush for all kinds of creatures

Take the stress out of brushing your pet with our Pet Angel detangling brush. This has the same scientifically developed features as our other Tangle Angel brushes but created for your furry friends.

The cleverly designed bristles on this groomer brush gently ease knots out of the coat without pulling, leaving your pet’s fur silky and shiny. It’s an antibacterial pet brush and easy to clean meaning you’re helping keep your pet dust and mud free while you brush.

The antibacterial properties help to keep the brush clean, so you don’t transfer germs from the bristles onto your pet’s coat. They’re also water resistant meaning you can use them wet or dry, while you’re giving your pet a bath. What’s more, they come in two different bristle colours so you can choose your favourite!
Pet Angel

The Angel Brush Mini: The definitive small pet brush

The Angel Mini Brush comes with all the same fantastic features as our Pet Angel original brush, but just in a smaller size.

Just like our other brushes the bristles are smooth and flexible for a relaxing, massaging effect. This makes it perfect for smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.

Its smaller size not only makes it suitable for small animals but also any pet owner looking for a transportable, light brush to pop in their bag and for harder to reach areas on larger pets like dogs and cats. Keep your pet looking purr-fect wherever they are.
Pet Angel Mini

Why Pet Angel’s technology makes them the ideal pet brushes

We’ve developed innovative technology for our own hair, and we believe your pets deserve the same great brushing experience. The specially designed bristles on each pet hair brush move with the fur rather than against it, gently coaxing out knots and making the brushing experience enjoyable for you and your pet.

Our technology means that your pet’s coat will be smooth and frizz-free after a brushing. They’re easy to clean as well, you just knock onto a hard surface and watch all the hair falling off!

Benefits of using a pet grooming brush

There are many benefits about brushing your furry friends by hand, rather than taking them to the groomers all the time.

The experts at Tangle Angel have compiled a list of reasons for taking the time to brush your pet.

Daily routine

Many animals thrive off routine as it makes them feel safe, secure and loved.

Building in time for brushing every day can help them feel reassured and for you both to further your bond.

Catching problems early

Whilst brushing you are able to inspect your pet’s skin and check for tics, fleas or any other lumps and bumps out of the ordinary.

This can enable you to catch and treat these problems early, hopefully minimising the pain for your pet and an unexpected vet bill!

Promotes healthy blood circulation

The relaxing effect of using a pet message brush helps to stimulate your pet’s blood flow which promotes healthier fur.

As well as this, it helps distribute the natural oils in your pet’s hair the same way as brushing your own, meaning your pet’s fur will look sleek and shiny.

Minimising hairballs

Many types of animals are good at cleaning themselves but regular self-grooming can involve a build up of hairballs in your pet’s throat and digestive system.

Regular brushing means that you’re minimising the amount of loose fur on your pet’s body, reducing uncomfortable hairballs!

Brushes for all pets

Think that a Pet Angel brush would be purr-fect for your pet? Want to find out more? Check out our ranges of brushes:

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Keep your pooch looking and feeling their very best from their nose to their tail! Our range of dog brushes are fantastic for stress-free enjoyable grooming brush experience for you and your canine pal.

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Look after your feline friend’s coat with one of our specially designed cat brushes. Perfect for both long and short haired kitties, these brushes gently detangle knots while giving a relaxing grooming experience.

Small Animal Brushes

Small furries deserve the same care and attention as our other fluffy friends, which is why we have developed brushes for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. The same fantastic technology in smaller brushes means that you can keep your furry friends silky soft and tangle-free.