Want gorgeously healthy, shiny hair in 2021? Royal and celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward gives us his top New Year’s hair resolutions to make every day a good hair day!

Go for regular trims
Getting your hair cut regularly is essential to keep it looking its best. If left untreated, split ends can travel further up the hair, making it look dull and lifeless. Aim for a trim every 8-10 weeks to keep it smooth, shiny and split-end free!

Don’t over-wash your hair
Washing your hair too much can strip it of its natural oils and proteins, which are essential for keeping it hydrated, shiny and healthy – try to wash it twice / three times a week at most.

Don’t skip conditioner
We’ve all been there – if you’re short on time, it’s easy to skip conditioner! This is a big mistake – conditioner contains essential ingredients to keep your hair healthy and manageable. It smooths down the hair cuticle (which makes it sleek, shiny and bouncy), as well as helping to protect against colour fade.

Invest in a conditioning masque
Applying a deep conditioning treatment once every two weeks for 15 minutes will make a huge difference to the overall look and condition of your hair – it helps restore lost moisture and deeply nourish dry lengths and ends. Your hair will thank you!

Take a break from heated tools
One of the main causes of dry hair is too much heat! Hairdryers, straighteners and tongs can all damage hair if used too much, causing it to become dry, brittle and dull. If you use heated tools every day, try to give your hair two days off each week and make sure to always use a heat protector.

Use the right products for your hair type
It’s easy to pick up any old shampoo and conditioner in the supermarket, but is it actually doing anything for your hair? Take 5 minutes to assess what your hair type is (dry? Frizzy? Curly?), and then buy the right products – you’ll see and feel the benefits almost instantly!