Finding the perfect brush for your kitten

Kitten Brushes

There’s a new kitten on the block! Congratulations on your new feline friend. You’ve been a good pet owner so far and bought the appropriate toys, treats and beds but you want to make sure you get the right brush for your kitten.

Being a cat owner is great fun but it comes with its own responsibilities, including looking after and maintaining their lovely coats. Keeping your cat tangle free involves care, attention and of course the right tools. That is where our Pet Angel range comes in.

Our scientifically developed kitten brushes are soft on your pet’s fur, allowing for a relaxing grooming experience that both you and your cat will be able to enjoy. The ergonomic handle makes them easy to hold to give you the right amount of control while brushing, and they also come in different bristle colours so you can pick your favorite.

The Pet Angel Mini: Purr-fect for your new kitten

A good brush is a valuable tool to have in your kitten’s kit bag, choose our Pet Angel mini brush for grooming and you won’t regret it. Developed from the extensive research we’ve done for our hair brush range, our Pet Angel brushes have the same great features but are designed for your kitten.

The smooth, flexible bristles allow for ultimate movement and means they move with your pet’s fur rather than against it. This makes for a gentle grooming experience that is enjoyable for your fur baby.

The Pet Angel Baby: For pet owners on the go

For all those busy pet paw-rents, the Pet Angel Baby is the only choice. Even smaller than our delightful Pet Angel Mini, it still has all the same fantastic features which make it an amazing brush for your kitten. As well as that, it also has a keyring which means you can pop it onto your purse or bag when you’re travelling.

As well as being able to use it on your kitten when they’re small, it is a great option for on-the-go grooming for adult cats, whether that’s at the vets, a cat show or somewhere else!

Pet Angel: The definitive range of kitten brushes

We’re pet owners ourselves at Tangle Angel, which is why we’ve taken so much care and attention to develop our range of brushes for cats, kittens and so many other fluffy pets. Grooming doesn’t have to be a battle when you’ve got the right brush and you know how to use it.

Our range of brushes for kittens are modelled on our brushes for human hair, created to promote an enjoyable brushing experience. The flexible bristles move with the fur rather than against it, gently removing tangles whilst also creating a relaxing massaging effect for your pet. As well as helping keep tangle free, brushing regularly has many other benefits such as promoting healthy blood flow in your feline friend.

Our brushes can be used on both dry and wet fur, so you can use it when you’re giving your kitten a bath. What’s more, they’re also made from fully recycled materials which make them a great choice for the eco-conscious pet owner. What’s not to like?

Top tips for grooming your kitten

Grooming your kitten will not only help keep their fur in great condition but will also help strengthen the bond between you both. Starting the grooming routine from an early age will help your kitten learn to enjoy the process. It is particularly important for breeds with longer fur to stop them from getting tangles and knots.

Get the right kind of brush

Kittens are delicate creatures with more sensitive skin and fur than adult cats, so it’s important to make sure before you go any further that you have the right kind of brush.

One like from our Pet Angel range with smooth bristles that move with the fur rather than against it will do perfectly. Brushing regularly also helps remove any loose fur, minimising the amount of shedding your kitten will do on your clothes and furniture.

Brush as part of your routine

Part of being a good pet owner involves taking care of their coat. Whether you’ve got a long or short haired kitty, they will need some level of brushing throughout their lives.

Brushing them regularly from a young age gets them used to the feeling and means that you’ll have less trouble than if you started grooming an adult cat who’d never been brushed before.

Brush little and often

We all know that feeling when we get near the end of a long salon appointment. You start to get a bit fidgety and bored, and it’s the same for your kitten. Try brushing for a few minutes at a time before building up and they’re more likely to tolerate it.

Make sure they associate it with something nice

During or after your kitten’s brushing, reward them with a nice little treat or a toy to play with. This helps them associate being brushed with something nice and are more likely to be relaxed and let you finish the job.

Our range of pet brushes

We’re animal lovers here at Tangle Angel so we’ve created brushes suitable for furry pets big and small.

Rabbits and small animals brushes

We love all sorts of animals here at Tangle Angel HQ which is why we’ve got specially designed brushes suitable for small furries including guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and gerbils.

Dog brushes

We love animals big and small here at Tangle Angel HQ. We’ve designed a glorious range of brushes for small animals so that your rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or other little one can receive the same care and attention as your other four legged friends.

Cat brushes

Is your kitty cat all grown up? As well as brushes designed for pint-sized kitties, we make brushes for your bigger feline friends as well that will keep them looking sleek

Puppy brushes

Are you a brand-new paw-rent of an adorable pooch? Congratulations! You’ll want the right kind of brush for your new pup, so check out our range of puppy brushes to keep Rover looking good and feeling great.