Finding the perfect brush for your dog

Dog Brushes

Our pets are our family, and so they deserve the utmost care and attention. Whether you’ve got a short-haired Staffy or a long-haired Labrador you’ll know that every dog needs to be brushed to keep their fur sleek and shiny and feeling their best.

If you’ve been trawling the internet in search of the right brush for your dog, you can stop the search with the Pet Angel. Our specially designed dog brushes have every pooch in mind. We’ve focused on developing a brush that’s comfortable for you and your dog, and created a product that will make brushing time an enjoyable experience for the both of you.

The bristles on each of our brushes have been designed to be able to move smoothly through your dog’s fur removing any pesky knots without pulling and causing discomfort to your pet. They also massage at the same time as well, making brushing a positive, relaxing experience for your pooch!

The Pet Angel: A fantastic dog grooming brush

Our Pet Angel dog brush has incorporated the same incredible technology that we developed for our original range of brushes, with your pet’s health and comfort as our number one priority.

The intelligent bristle design enables them to glide through your dog’s fur, removing knots gently without pulling or discomfort. Its antibacterial properties help keep your dog’s fur clean and the brush itself is easy to clean with a simple tap on a hard surface.

The ergonomic design means the brush is comfortable to hold and puts you in control of the grooming process, meaning you can ensure you’re brushing with care.

The Pet Angel also comes in two different bristle colours, so you can choose your favourite.
Pet Angel

The Pet Angel Mini Brush: Why it’s great for dogs of all sizes

The Pet Angel Mini has all the same fantastic features as the Pet Angel but comes in a small, more compact design. This petite sized brush is perfect for small sized dogs such as chihuahuas, terriers and French Bulldogs. It’s also a great option for dog owners of larger sizes as it fits neatly into any bag, can be used to detangle on the go and on hard to reach areas on those larget pets.

Its unique properties means it will smooth out your dog’s hair without making it frizzy, and being water resistant it can be used when you are bathing your dog as well. Just like the Pet Angel, it comes in two different bristle colours perfect for any fashion forward pet owner.
Pet Angel Mini

Why Pet Angel’s technology makes them the ideal dog brushes

The Pet Angel dog brushes have been designed with care – our experts have worked hard to bring the technology you know and love on our Tangle Angel brushes and made them right for your canine counterpart.

The Pet Angel brushes make grooming your dog a luxurious experience for both of you. With smooth, flexible bristles they glide through your dog’s fur, untangling any knots without pulling. These bristles are also coated with scientifically developed antibacterial properties to help keep your pooch germ free, as they don’t transfer germs from the bristles onto your pet’s fur.

Top tips for grooming your dog

Grooming your dog doesn’t have to be a battle. The pet experts at Tangle Angel have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help brush time be more enjoyable for the both of you.

Choose a brush that’s right for them

It goes without saying that you can’t use any old brush for your pooch. The first step towards blissful brushing is making sure you’ve got a dog-specific brush with the right bristle formation to detangle with ease.

The Pet Angel brush technology works similarly to using a slicker brush on your pooch’s fur, working like a gentle rake in order to ease out loose undercoat.

Brush regularly

Just like you brush your own hair regularly – you should brush your dog’s coat often as well! Every breed from short to long haired needs regular grooming, but it will depend on the type of coat they have.

Long haired breeds such as border collies and types of spaniels will need brushing at least once a week if not every other day, whereas other short haired breeds such as greyhounds may only need brushing once a fortnight.

As well as removing knots, brushing your dog regularly can help remove dandruff, grass seeds and dirt from their coat and help them stay comfortable and shiny.

Using the brush correctly

Make sure to always brush in the direction the fur is growing – it can be uncomfortable for dogs if you try and brush the opposite way. Try and keep the brush perpendicular to your dog and – of course – be gentle!

Keep sessions short at first

This is especially helpful if you’ve not really brushed your dog before or they’re not a big fan. Brushing for a few minutes little and often can help them get used to it.

Do different sections each time to help them get used the feeling of the brush.

Reward them

This can help make sure that brushing becomes an enjoyable activity for you and your dog.

You can give them small treats to nibble on or even a distraction toy such as a licking mat to keep them distracted whilst you are brushing.

This helps them associate the brushing with something positive: food!

Check their skin

Regular grooming means that you can quickly pick up on anything that could be wrong with your canine’s skin.

When brushing make sure you inspect them for any suspicious lumps and bumps, tics or fleas. This means you can catch anything nasty early and hopefully avoid a hefty vet bill.

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