Counterfit Product Verification




Tangle Angel is fast becoming a world-wide recognised brand. With this growing popularity, we have discovered many imitation and counterfeit products, falsely representing our brand.

To protect our customers and our brand quality, all of our products will have a HiddenTag, product certification. This allows simple product verification with any smart phone, ensuring that you purchased our genuine product.

We want you to feel confident that you’re buying a genuine Tangle Angel product. We would therefore discourage anyone from buying from unauthorised sellers and auction sites, and ask that you treat any product priced well below our RRP with suspicion.

Our hairbrushes are widely protected by design registrations, trademarks and patents and we vigorously protect our rights wherever they are infringed.



Follow these steps to verify and authenticate your Tangle Angel product:


  1. Check if the Tangle Angel packaging has a security hologram sticker attached.
  2. Download the HiddenTag App.
  3. Scan the tag with the HiddenTag application.
  4. Check the verification results. It should lead to the customised authenticity page of Tangle Angel.