Finding the perfect brush for your cat

Cat Brushes

Cats can be picky: that’s something all cat owners know, but your cat will love our range of specially designed grooming brushes. Cats may be self-groomers but even the most diligent of them all need a little helping hand. If you’ve been on the look out for a versatile brush that can detangle even the longest haired kitty cat’s fur, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve developed our range of cat grooming brushes with the same care and attention for our human ones. Our pets are part of the family, after all, and deserve to be treated as such.

Our brushes are gentle on the fur, detangling with ease. The luxurious smooth bristles move with the fur rather than against it, enabling you to gently ease out knots and tangles without pulling. This gentle massage effect means that brushing can become an enjoyable time for you and your furry friend rather than a battle.

Our brushes also have special antibacterial additives which are proven to help remove 99.99% of bacteria, meaning you won’t transfer germs from the bristles onto your pet’s fur.. If all of that wasn’t enough, our brushes come in two different beautiful bristle colours, so you can choose your favourite or even have one of each!

The Pet Angel Brush: Treat your cat to luxury hair brushing

Our Pet Angel brush was designed with your cat in mind. Developed from our original Tangle Angel brush design, this cat hair brush has a number of incredible features which make it the right choice for grooming your feline friend.

The ergonomic design of the brush including a comfortable handle makes the brush easy to use and make sure you’re being gentle on your cat’s fur.

The antibacterial properties embedded into the plastic contribute to keeping the fur clean and germ free, as they help keep the brush clean and don’t pass on germs that would otherwise linger on the bristles.

The clever bristle design and shape of this grooming tool makes light work of detangling even long haired cats, as they glide evenly through knots and tangles without pulling.
Pet Angel

The Pet Angel Mini Brush: Same great technology with a compact design

The Pet Angel Mini has all the fantastic features you love about the original brush but in a petite size. This makes it an outstanding choice for pet owners on the go or for those who own smaller cat breeds such as Devon Rex and Siamese.

The Mini brushes also comes in two different bristle colours meaning you can get a cute cat hand brush to match your cat’s collar or even your own outfit. Be the most stylish cat owner around with one of our fabulous brushes.
Pet Angel Mini

Tangle Angel technology: Perfect for our feline friends

Everything about the Pet Angel brush range makes them purr-fect for your cat. From our latest technology which leaves even the longest haired cat silky and shiny, to the ergonomic design which makes it easy for you to hold while you’re brushing.

The gentle bristles mean that our cat brushes are suitable for cats with even the most sensitive skin, as well as any length of hair including short, medium and long.

They’re also waterproof which means they can be used as a wet or dry brush, if you ever need to give them a bath.

Tips for grooming your cats

Cats can take a bit of persuasion when it comes to grooming, so our pet experts have put together a selection of great tips on how to groom your feline friends.

Find the right brush

First things first, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a proper brush suitable for your cat and their coat.

Our cat fur brushes have been designed to be used on both long and short haired cats, the bristles move smoothly through the fur gently removing knots and tangles.

Start slowly

Cats know their own minds and like to be in control of the situation – every cat owner knows this! This means you need to make sure you’re only working within their limits while you are brushing them.

Start gently brushing areas where they like to be stroked, such as under the chin and on their backs. Then you can move onto more sensitive areas – and the Pet Angel brushes are gentle enough to be used as a cat face brush if your kitty will let you.

Brush regularly

It’s good for every cat to be brushed regularly no matter what length of coat they have. Brushing your cat often allows you to examine them for fleas, ticks and other nasties that they can pick up.

Reward them

Although many say that cats cannot be trained, they can still associate brushing with good things, such as cat treats or cat toys.

Rewarding them with these during or after the brushing can help them learn to tolerate or even enjoy the experience.

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